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kongsgaard-goldman foundation

About the Foundation

Please note our updated application guidelines.  Letters of inquiry within our program areas are welcome. For more information feel free to contact us.

The Kongsgaard-Goldman Foundation is a small, private foundation formed in 1988. The Foundation provides support to  nonprofit organizations in the Pacific Northwest within the program areas of Puget Sound restoration and protection, forest protection in Washington and Oregon, and climate change. 

In lieu of an Annual Report we now feature all of our grants on this website and are pleased to announce our latest grants list for year 2010.  We are also highlighting various grantees with photographs of their project and program activities. We are pleased to share examples of exceptional work being done to protect and celebrate our Pacific Northwest region.

Martha Kongsgaard - president
Kathleen Arthur - administrator

1932 First Avenue, Suite 602
Seattle, WA 98101

206.448.1874 tel
206.448.1973 fax